Stages Bike智能健身單車機

Stages Bike智能健身單車機

Stages Bike智能健身單車機



規格 Specification

– 支持ANT + FE-C控制和Bluetooth Smart FTMS控制
Supports ANT+ FE-C control & Bluetooth Smart FTMS Control

– 支持ANT +和藍牙智能電源傳播
Support ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart power broadcast

– 包含了Stages LR完整雙面曲柄組作功率測量
Contains a complete Stages LR dual-sided crankset for power measurement

– 在飛輪位置包含了另一個功率測量計,以實時交叉參考

Contains a secondary power measurement at the freewheel to cross-reference in real-time

– 最大電阻為3,000w

Max resistance of 3,000w

– 飛輪重量約為50磅
Flywheel weight is ~50lbs

– 要求精确度: +/- 1.5%
Claimed accuracy: +/- 1.5%

– 能夠通過app自定鏈輪,飛輪和變速設定偏好
Ability to customize chainrings, cassettes, and shifting preferences via app– 顯示屏附近具有快速充電的USB端口(2個)
USB ports with fast charging near display (2 of them)– 接線盒,可以擴展到其他移位器
Junction box with ability to extend to additional shifters

– 可以在自行車上添加鐵人三項/ TT桿(配件)
Ability to add in triathlon/TT bars to bike (accessory)

– 支持165/170 / 172.5 / 175mm曲柄臂長度
Supports 165/170/172.5/175mm crank arms lengths– 像普通單車一樣具有煞車握把
Has brake levers like a normal bike– 有轉向按鈕
Has steering buttons

特點 Features

1 - 飛輪很巨大, 有50磅重,包含了另一個功率測量計,以實時交叉參考
The flywheel is HUGE! (50 pounds!) >>Smooth pedal
Contains a secondary power measurement at the freewheel to cross-reference in real-time.

2 - 功率計是用Stages Gew 3 曲柄這裡有趣的是,這並不是Stages在智能健身單車中進行的唯一功率測量。實際上,在單車內部,在飛輪處,它們還有更高的速率測量功率,利用該功率值使飛輪處於受控狀態。儘管如此,Stages還是交叉引用了兩個數字以確保一致性。最終,基於曲柄的數據集將傳遞到您的應用程序/自行車計算機。
The power meter is Stages Gen 3 on their own cranks.
What’s interesting here is that this isn’t the only power measurement Stages does in the bike. In fact, inside the bike, at the flywheel, they also measure power at a much higher rate, where that power figure is leveraged for keeping the flywheel under control. Still, Stages then cross-references the two figures for consistency. Ultimately, the crank-based data set is what gets passed to your apps/bike computer.

3 - 車把手向外張開及粘度很高, 更容易抓緊手把及減低受傷的機會。
The handlebar drops splay out for better sprint grip and the bar tape is super grippy.

4 - 其次是整個前顯示屏。他們有一個較大的平板電腦支架,然後在其中插入了一個較小的手機支架。它具有可伸縮臂,可自動調整大小到您擁有的任何尺寸的設備。
Followed by the entire front display aspect. They’ve got a larger tablet holder, and then inset within that is a smaller phone holder. It’s got a retractable arm that automatically resizes to whatever size device you’ve got:

-And below it are two fast-charging USB ports at 2.4A:

5- 前把手裝置是可調節,是使用激光蝕刻標記,能夠上下移動你適合的角度。There’s all the adjustability on the front handlebar rig. First, it can go up and down, again, with laser etched markers:

還有, 你也可以前後移動前手把。And then you’ve got forward/back movement too.

6 -可自行調節變速位置
Sprint Shifters / Blips can be moved.接下來是變速桿。在每一側,您基本上都有五個按鈕:
Next, there’s the shifters. On each side you’ve got basically five buttons:

– 上面的: 變速上下移動 Upper set: To shift up/down

– 中間的: 向左或向右轉向 Middle button: Steering to left or right

– 最下的: 齒輪上下移動 Lower set: Shifting up/down from the drops

可看看以下圖片, 可看到其中一個變速按鈕隱藏在把手下方:
You can see these here, with the lower set hidden under the bar tape:

-車把的底部有一個小接線盒。 它具有給配件的額外端口。 例如,如果您想添加三項鐵人/ TT槓亦可以。 他們添加了一組備用端口,以應對日後用家配合應用程序使用時, 可能出現的問題。應用程序會利用這此端口或額外的按鈕組方便用家控制(例如,訪問遊戲中的功能等等)。

there’s the little junction box at the base of the handlebars. This has extra ports for accessories down the road. For example, if you wanted to add triathlon/TT bars, you could. And they’ve added a spare set of ports for whatever else might come down the pipeline as apps could figure out how to take advantage of this, or extra sets of buttons (for example, perhaps to access in-game functions like power ups or such)

7, 煞車手把與眾不同然後,當然還有煞車手把,它能使飛輪停止轉動和阻止你轉動鏈輪曲柄組。值得注意是,在市場上其他同類型的單車,煞車手把通常只能夠停止飛輪轉動, 但不能像真正的單車那樣,連同踩踏板也阻止轉動。但是,Zwift今天還是不支持此功能,因此當您進行Zwift訓練期間, 只能一直滑行。 相信Zwift正在討論改良。

And then, of course, the brakes – which will legit stop the flywheel and your ability to spin the crank arms. That’s notable from every other bike on the market in that those just stop the flywheel, but don’t stop you from pedaling like a real bike would. Of course, Zwift doesn’t support this today, so your avatar in Zwift just keeps on coasting. Apparently it’s being discussed.

8 - 坐位設計與Specialized Power坐位很相似這款智能健身單車坐位設計與Specialized Power坐位很相似,同樣擁有較短的鼻坐墊, 很適合在室內進行長程訓練。
The saddle looks similar to a Specialized Power saddle. Stuffy nose , suitable for in-door training.

9 -TRP 手把, 人工學設計, 雙手能擺放自如, 公路車彎手把舒適, 煞車亦很流暢。
TRP levers. Ergonomic, round, not square off, brake pulling nicely too.

10 - 備有2個水壺架
Then there are two water bottle cages:

11 - 裝箱的盒子設計很好,很容易搬動。
The Box it ships in is very well built

12 - 進行踩踏時很清靜,有用家進行靜音測試,測試嬰兒在睡眠時始動單車會否嘈醒他,結果是不會。
It's quiet.... really quiet... it passed the sleeping baby test there at the Tour Village.



13th Dec 2021 Chung Yung Cycle Co.

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