MAVIC 輪呔防爆液 / MAVIC TYRE SEALANT - 120ml ($100 for 2pcs)

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Mavic Tyre Sealant is an effective tyre sealant, that prevents flat by instantly sealing up to 3 mm holes in the tyre.

Mavic UST Ready tyre compatible. Mavic tubular tyre compatible. 

120 ml bottle (4 road tyres, 2 MTB tyres up to 2.3)


Mavic Tire Sealant是一種有效的輪胎密封劑,可以通過瞬間密封輪胎中3 mm的孔來防止壓扁。

Mavic UST Ready輪胎兼容。 Mavic管狀輪胎兼容。


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