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Maintenance service

The company is an agent for many world-renowned bicycle and parts brands, and also provides warranty services to customers on behalf of the factory.
Maintenance – generally refers to all after-sales product maintenance services (including self-paid or free);
Warranty – refers to the free product maintenance and repair due to product quality problems under the manufacturer’s terms.

However, the market is full of parallel imports and fake products. In order to ensure that products imported through official agents can receive corresponding warranty services,
Therefore, in response to factory requirements, customers must provide formal sales invoices when conducting warranty, and must pay attention to the following points:

Sales Invoice:
1) Customers must ensure that the store provides an invoice when purchasing (certain products such as GIANT bicycles and frames must be accompanied by a customer after-sales service card)

Approved invoice reference style

The following information must be provided on the invoice:

  1. Company information

    • Including the name, address and phone number of the dealer – the relevant store must be the company’s authorized dealer (please refer to the company’s website information)

✽To avoid disputes, if the store’s invoice is handwritten, please ensure that the invoice is stamped by the company or signed by the person in charge.

  1. Purchase information

    • Customer’s name – (Note: Warranty only applies to first-hand buyers);

    • Contact number and/or email – for the purpose of verifying warranty registration and buyer’s identity; and

    • Date of purchase – Different products will have different warranty periods based on factory conditions.

  1. Product information

    • brand

    • Model (year)

    • Size and product serial number (applicable to most products)

    • Unit price and total amount of goods

*Please ensure that the product number on the sales invoice matches the one attached to the product. If the product serial number on the product is missing, the warranty service may be affected.

Warranty registration:

The following brands require customers to register for warranty after purchase:

  • Cars and frames (except children’s cars) – GIANT, DAHON, PINARELLO

  • According to factory requirements, registration must be done online, via email or by fax.


  • Products purchased from our company's authorized dealers and assembled by them, or parts assembled on vehicles and represented by our company, are eligible for our company's basic warranty inspection service (see warranty content below for details).

  • Under normal circumstances, limited warranty services will be provided to products produced by the original factory according to factory terms. The warranty period ranges from a few months to a lifetime. For products that meet the warranty requirements, the factory will provide products or parts that meet the warranty conditions. Disassembly and replacement or freight charges are not included.

  • Most factories will provide warranty services for products that are judged to have quality problems by the factory's official technicians during the warranty period and the user is the first-hand buyer.

  • Except for specially listed products, most products are not covered by the warranty under the following conditions:

    • Improper assembly, modification or use;

    • Wear and tear of parts under normal use;

    • No sound or vibration that will affect normal functions;

    • Failure to perform proper maintenance, such as regular inspections and maintenance;

    • Business rental;

    • Damage, deformation, rust or corrosion caused by external factors such as impact, friction, rain, sweat, natural disasters, etc.

Warranty content

  • Basic warranty services include: receiving goods from dealers, inspecting the goods, studying the product condition with the manufacturer when necessary, providing warranty suggestions, and returning damaged products (if they do not meet the warranty requirements) or warranty products (if they meet the warranty requirements) back to the store . (It is impossible to confirm that products sold by our company’s authorized dealers include products not imported through our company, online stores that are not franchised by our company, etc. Even if the warranty is recommended through authorized dealers, our company will still issue warranty certificates based on individual circumstances. Or charge transportation fees and administrative fees to guests);

  • The replacement of warranty products depends on the factory's inventory and production period. Under normal circumstances, the factory will try to provide the same products, and the actual specifications are provided by the factory. If the relevant product has been discontinued, the factory will provide products of the same level or upgrade the product at a preferential price. The factory will retain the final decision on warranty arrangements;

  • For all original warranty content, please refer to the brand’s official website.

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