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SHIMANO鏈鉼檢查計畫 - 常見問題

Frequently Asked Questions of Shimano Free Cranksets Inspection Program for Hong Kong

  Frequently Asked Questions Answer
Q1 What is the issue? Some DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA 11 speed HOLLOWTECH II road cranksets with bonded construction manufactured prior to July 2019 have received warranty returns for bonding separation and reported falls and injuries. We want to ensure the safety of our customers by implementing this voluntary inspection and recall program.
Q2 As a consumer what do I need to do? First validate if your crankset is part of the recall. Second, we ask you to take it to the Hong Kong Authorized Dealer to get inspected.
Link to Hong Kong Authorized Dealer:
Q3 What cranksets should be inspected? ULTEGRA FC-6800, FC-R8000, DURA-ACE FC-9000, FC-R9100, and FC-R9100 P manufactured prior to July 2019.
Q4 Do I have to go to the retailer? Can I send this straight to Shimano? Please work with the Hong Kong Authorized Dealer to submit. Shimano will be working with our retail partners to execute this process and that will allow for the most consistent tracking and overall levels of service.
Q5 How do I identify if my crankset is part of the inspection/recall? To see if your product needs to be inspected, the model number and production code are stamped on the inside of the crank. Please refer to the announcement document for the location of this information.
Q6 What is the remedy? Shimano will have any applicable crankset inspected by the Hong Kong Authorized Dealer. Shimano will replace any cranks that fail the inspection process.
Link to Hong Kong Authorized Dealer:
Q7 How is the replacement any different from my current crankset? The new crankset uses the latest construction and bonding techniques. There will be slight cosmetic differences from the original crankset. In some cases the exact specification may not be available. 
Q8 What if I have a third-party power meter installed on my crankset? Cranks and/ or any Shimano products that are modified by 3rd parties are not covered by warranty, but as an exception they will be eligible for this inspection.
Any crankset with a power meter attached that is found to fail during inspection and is sent back to Shimano will be replaced free of charge but the 3rd party power meter will not be returned.
However, as a gesture of goodwill only and without any admission of liability or wrongdoing, Shimano will provide a certain monetary amount (to be determined in Shimano's sole and absolute discretion) to such customer to purchase any replacement 3rd party parts.
Q9 My crankset passed inspection, is there anything else that I need to do? We encourage all riders to maintain their bicycle and riding equipment diligently.  Have your bike tuned up and inspected regularly (ask your retailer for recommendations based on your riding habits). Pay attention to changes in the sound and feel of how your bike is riding. Changes could indicate wear out, breakage, or need for adjustment to some part of your bike.
Q10 How long will it take to get a replacement crankset from Shimano? Shimano will do our best to expedite the replacement crankset. However, with all the different chainring and crankarm length combination we may not have your crankset in stock. If a replacement crankset is temporarily unavailable, Shimano will work with the retailer to communicate and confirm when the replacement is ready.
Can I get an additional inspection free of charge?  Yes. As a reminder, we recommend a general bike safety check before each ride (Tire Pressure, Quick Releases, and Basic Visual Inspection).
For your safety, Shimano will provide the initial and second inspection free of charge through the Hong Kong Authorized Dealer.  We recommend that the second inspection be performed about one year after the initial inspection. If you feel, hear, or see a change in your crankset, please take it to the Hong Kong Authorized Dealer at any time.

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